It’s Our Birthday! One year old and growing strong.

It has been a busy year at Riff City Strategies. We launched a communications and advocacy firm as our nation’s institutions were being tested. Expanded our footprint in Iowa and San Francisco with top notch hires. Two of our team members had kids, just weeks a part. And we added on new clients and new capabilities.

It was also a profound year in the public relations field at large. In an era of declining trust in governments and institutions, we found that the organizations we work with care deeply about making their communities, our country, and the world better for all.

From our office in Silicon Valley we see entrepreneurs succeeding, struggling, and failing all with the best intentions at heart. And from an office in Des Moines we see heartland values in practice by uplifting neighbors, fighting for clean water and air for our children, and looking forward to a future where all families can succeed.

We are ending our first year as a company optimistic, upbeat, and hopeful. Thanks for your support and we look forward to a successful year two. And, as always, please get in touch if you or those in your network are need of communications assistance or key advice.

– Brian Purchia, CEO + Founder
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