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Fortune: Schools are sounding the alarm on a growing mental health crisis for America’s kids

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Fortune – December 15, 2022

By Alexa Mikhail

The national poll released Wednesday from Effective School Solutions, an organization implementing mental health care in schools, found that the country’s school administrators, parents, and students continue to battle a youth mental health crisis. Nearly all (90%) administrators and almost 60% of parents reported that the crisis is growing. Roughly 60% of administrators say young people’s mental health remains the same or has worsened compared to a year ago.

“Amid the isolation and trauma of COVID-19, this degradation has only gotten worse,” says Duncan Young, the CEO of Effective School Solutions. “It’s very likely that the echoes and traumas of the pandemic will persist in youth mental health long after the pandemic itself is behind us, which speaks to the urgent need for better solutions for our kids.”

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