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Washington Post: Democrats spar over registration as worries over young and minority voters grow

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Washington Post – April 1, 2024

By Michael Scherer and Sabrina Rodriguez

The addition of potential independent contenders like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has tailored his appeal to people disaffected by the current political system, has added to the concern. A recent memo from Way to Win, a progressive donor advisory group, advised Democratic groups to focus more on partisan spending for voter registration and mobilization.

“For too long, many funders have relegated the work of mobilizing base constituencies, especially voters of color and young people, to nonpartisan programs,” the memo reads. “This will not work in 2024 with the threat that third-party presidential candidates like RJK Jr. pose.”

Jenifer Fernandez Ancona, the co-founder of Way to Win, said the group’s concerns first arose from shifts in minority voting that appeared after the 2020 election, though the group still believes there is a place for nonpartisan voter registration. “We thought it was really important to say that times have changed,” she said. “This is a different election and we can’t apply old thinking to it.

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