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We Are Teachers: 22 Empowering Mental Health Activities for Teens

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We Are Teachers – May 9, 2023

By Elizabeth Mulvahill

If you talk to just about any middle school or high school teacher, they’ll tell you—kids are struggling right now. Schools are sounding the alarm on the growing mental health crisis for America’s kids, and according to a national poll conducted by Effective School Solutions, the country’s school administrators, parents, and students continue to battle a significant youth mental health crisis. Results show “Nearly 90% of administrators and almost 60% of parents reported that the crisis is growing. Roughly 60% of administrators say young people’s mental health remains the same or has worsened compared to a year ago.” Obviously, it’s never been more important to focus on supporting students’ mental health. That’s why we collected 22 mental health activities for teens to help you support their well-being in the classroom.

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