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The 19th: Why it matters that the diversity report card for environmental organizations doesn’t track gender

Check out Green 2.0 in the article below!

The 19th – December 19, 2022

By Jessica Kutz

The group that issued the report, Green 2.0, which aims to increase diversity within the historically White environmental movement, has tracked and reported gender data in the past. The report plays an important role in holding organizations that shape climate policy accountable to their diversity pledges.

Adriane Alicea, deputy director of Green 2.0, said gender breakdowns were not included in the last two reports because while some organizations provided them, there were some inaccuracies and too much missing data for a meaningful analysis.

“In future report cards, we’re urging environmental organizations and funders to be inclusive and transparent about their gender demographics in order to advance a more diverse climate movement,” she said in an emailed statement. “To achieve this transparency, Green 2.0 is urging NGOs and foundations to include more gender identifiers to make it easier to fully and accurately capture the gender representation of their staff.”

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